About Us

We are the 75 or so people that make up the Visual Communication Class of 2014. Ever since day 1 in Loughborough University School of the Arts, we have been hand-picked, nurtured and grown with tender loving care.

We consist of people from around the globe who all have very different styles and specialities. We are all individuals, but together we are one fruity entity that is Jam.

The following keywords represent the vibe that we would like to give off with this brand. We feel that they express our personalities as part of the overall brand, without us always having to be there to strut our style.


Expressed through the use of fine textures and vintage materials.


The overall temperature of our colour palette along with the techniques mentioned above give a good warm, homely image of us.


We have designed a set of icons and a pattern that express all that is us.


Fruits come together to make delicious things, like Jam for instance. That says togetherness, right?


Well, come on now. Look at the branding. Does it not look top class to you? It’s trendy, hip and modern, yet it still manages to hit the target of what we are trying to portray at the final exhibitions as explained above.
The world out there is a dark and dull place. Let us be the colour. That is the very essence of Jam.